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Tip #1 - Permanent Screens

Creating permanent screens can be very beneficial if you do not have a numbering machine. Re-burning the numbers every time you have a nylon or athletic job is a waste of time. Try using Saatichem Fixer 9 on your emulsion. This will make any screen a permanent one. It will not be reclaimable but it will also become much more abrasion and pinhole resistant.

Tip #2 - Mesh Count

Using an 86 mesh count is ideal for creating the thick football number look on nylon uniforms. The thicker ink deposit will also help cover some of the more difficult thread patterns. If you are using a premium One Stroke Inks product, you can often print without flashing and printing a second time. 86 mesh count is also important when screen printing on stretchable fabric. The Nylostretch Series will stretch much greater lengths when there is a sufficient ink deposit.

Tip #3 - Squeegees

The softer the squeegee blade, the more ink is is able to put down per stroke. If you are looking for the thicker athletic look, use a 60 or 70 durometer squeegee blade with a hard angle.

Tip #4 - Pallet Tape

Cover your pallets with the pallet tape when screen printing mesh shorts and uniforms. Pallet tape is like a large roll of masking tape. It covers the pallet and you can apply spray adhesive on top of this covering. When the pallets get ink on them you can simply peel off one layer of the tape and reapply the adhesive. There is no cleaning and no mess in the middle of a print run.

Tip #5 - Water Based Adhesives

Tekmar manufactures an adhesive product called Tekbond HV. This is not the normal aerosol adhesive. It is in a squirt bottle and is applied by squirting a line across the platen and then scraping it evenly until it covers the platen. It is applied thicker than the aerosols and it will last much longer, even under heavy flash heating conditions.

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